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Getting back to town was easier, but it took us until after dark. Nerves which had healed frazzled again because the snowplows had still failed to arrive. We watched them attempt to drive to the highway but they got stuck three feet into the first drift they encountered.We all felt good about helping with the search, but we did not find the man's father-in-law. Saturday the plow from the east met up with the plow from the west at a big drift just outside of town. After profusely thanking the good people of Quinn and settling our debts, we joined the caravan going west. The plows had not been able to open the road through some of the road cuts so they plowed trails through the fields.Usually closed in the winter, the owner opened it up to accommodate stranded travelers.The motel was already full so we were sent to the cafe where there were more refugees from the storm like us.The café, which stayed open throughout the storm, became a center of activity for locals and the stranded alike.

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Late in the day they returned with news that we were a lot better off than those stranded in Wall.

The local people went out of their way to make life tolerable for their guests.