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At least one of them surely would have kept calm enough not to join the lemming rush to their doom?Were they, perhaps, caught up in some bizarre military accident in the lonely (and top secret) vastness of the Russian interior — a missile misfiring or a low-flying jet sending out shock waves and noise that frightened them out of their wits?This movie had a major impact on my views about real life.I loved Sandra Dee in this film as much as I did in her performance in "An Imitation of Life" with Lana Turner.What is known is that nearby the Mountain of the Dead were gulag camps for those unfortunates who crossed the Communist leadership in Moscow.

And these were experienced adult hikers, not likely to be easily scared.

The official Soviet investigator into the tragedy, Lev Ivanov, could find no answers. Access to the entire area was sealed off from prying eyes for the next four years, by which time the authorities believed this incident would have disappeared off the radar, as many strange happenings did in the old Soviet empire.